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What's the North Node?

The North Node is a point in your unique astrological birth chart that shows you a great deal about your purpose. It indicates how we are meant to develop our gifts and spiritually in order to balance karma from past lives. 

Here's how it all works


uncover your unique purpose with astrology

In this astrology course for NON-astrologers, you’ll learn how to understand your chart in a deep way (without getting caught in unnecessary details). I will walk you through my step-by-step process for finding your purpose and gifts within your birth chart. We’ll have monthly astrology workshops to help you practice what you learn as well.

You’ll pair this with our Purpose Framework workbook to discover your hidden potential and deepest desires.

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surpass your inner resistance

Living your purpose challenges you to grow in ways you’ve never imagined. Once you’ve stepped on this path, you’ll see how your mind kicks in full of self-doubt or self-sabotage. This is the phase where most people give up on their dreams because they don’t have the tools to work through the inner resistance. 

In this section, we offer live group coaching sessions and practical exercises to help you get out of your own way. 

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don't stop until you succeed

Right before you reach success, many of you will be faced with “failure”, seemingly insurmountable setbacks or a barrage of tests. Like they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn. When the universe challenges you the most, you develop the resilience and perseverance needed to succeed.

In this part of membership, you will develop a strong connection to spirit to maintain your vision through tools like meditation, yoga, sound healing and more. Your community will also support you now more than ever until you reach a personal  breakthrough.

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Hi, i'm Courtney

I’m an astrologer who has been obsessed with understanding myself and pursuing my passions for my entire life. Along the way, I’ve encountered (and still encounter!) tons of resistance, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs as my dreams continue to challenge me to grow. 

After seeing so many people living their life feeling 80% fulfilled, I made it my mission to challenge others to reach their potential and live their purpose like I always try to do.

Using incredible tools (like astrology) for self-understanding and development, I help others explore the depths of their soul to uncover their gifts and share them with the world. 

I want you to wake up and feel excited with how you’re spending your energy – life’s most precious resource. My goal is to help you work through the challenges that come up when reaching for the stars, and help you persevere in the face of adversity using your connection to the divine. 

Join me on the most powerful adventure of your life!

North Node Society is a community that helps you

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Life Purpose in Astrology

Learn how to read your birth chart to find your unique gifts and life purpose


purpose framework

Make sense of your unique life experience and how you’re meant to use this to best serve the world


overcome inner resistance

Overcome the resistance that limits your potential by working with your inner child, your different ‘parts’, and much more. 


maintain your vision

When the going gets tough, you must maintain a connection to your vision by leaning on your connection to source and your higher self. Strengthening this connection is easy with the following tools:

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

live monthly calls

We will have a monthly live call with different practitioners who share their wisdom about a variety of topics (healing your money story, inner child work, syncing with your menstrual cycle and so much more.) My hope is that you can get a taste of a variety of topics to see what interests you while also applying the practical tools you learn to your life.

You will also receive live support from trained coaches to break through your limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behavior or just the general stumbling blocks of life.

Lastly, we’ll have monthly astrology workshops to help you practically apply what you learn about astrology to your own life.

community and connections

Create life-long friendships in a supportive community of women who are eager to learn about themselves and make an impact on the world. 

The layout of the membership is designed to help you find and connect with people in your industry so you can create a strong referral network without big upfront costs.

are you ready?

choose your destiny

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You will receive 3 important emails. The first two will have your order information where you can manage your subscription. 

The third will be an invitation to join the North Node Society, yay!

Remember, you need to join using that invitation email before you can log in.

Other payment gateways consider astrology a “high risk” business and don’t allow us to work with them. PayPal is one of the few who does.

You can cancel at any time through your PayPal Automatic Payments center or by emailing us at contact@willowsbloom.com. We recommend creating a PayPal account for easy access.

We do not issue refunds on payments already processed.

Once you cancel, you will lose access to the membership after 10 days, regardless of when you cancel. 

No. Since each birth chart is unique to the individual, it is not feasible for us to examine everyone’s unique chart characteristics. You can always receive help from the community though!

Since this membership includes coaching practices and impactful physical/emotional tools, we are asking that you take full responsibility for its impact on you as well as how far you push yourself. 

Read the full Disclaimer here.

There will be 2-4 calls per month that cover the following topics:

  1. Astrology in practice
  2. Mindset / emotional coaching
  3. Monthly live experts (covering topics like money mindset, womb healing, etc…)
  4. Intermittent New and Full Moon calls

I believe strongly in divine timing. This membership can give you powerful tools to understand yourself, your gifts, and needs. These tools can help you follow your interests and avoid the distractions. However, it can’t give you your purpose on a platter. Some things take time and exploration. You can’t rush through the process of self-discovery!